Miles’ 2024 Writing Rodeo: 6 Month Roundup

Miles’ 2024 Writing Rodeo: 6 Month Roundup

Wow!! I can hardly believe that we’re 7 months into this  year.

As many of you already know, I’ve been trying to get back into regular writing with a challenge I’m calling my Writing Rodeo. The plan is to finish 12 stories in 12 months, so I am more than halfway there!

The original plan was to keep up to date with a monthly blog post to share what I was working on, but this has been so much work that I’ve kind of fallen off the train. Despite this, though, I have been successfully keeping up with my Rodeo!

So, I wanted to compile one big masterpost of the 6 months I’ve completed so far. This will also include information on where you can find them. Patrons, stay tuned- you might be able to give them an early read!

January- En’na & Baba’s Family Cookbook – roughly 2500 words – This miniature fairy cookbook is fully readable, and it brings me so much joy to make each one unique! I wanted to tell a story in an unconventional way, and also try my hand at making a tiny book. Copies can be found on our shelves in BookWyrm.

February – Isopod Log 342 – 548 words– This audio log tells the story of scientists performing an ecological survey in a submarine beneath an alien ocean. It is now available as a zine in BookWyrm, or as a printable zine here on our patreon!

March –  There’s a Mouse at my Feet! – 1687 words – This essay/poem tells the story of how I came to care for a teeny little wood mouse called Twig. My favourite thing about writing essays is talking about the things that bring me joy—hence my delight in sharing this story with you!

April - ???? – Chris isn’t allowed to know about this one, and neither are you! Shhh!

May – The Collector’s Guide To Lost Things – roughly 1300 words– Another miniature book, this one is written by a weird little goblin who hides in your walls and steals your socks. I love writing these tiny books by hand, as it allows me to essentially roleplay as a whole bunch of weird little guys! The Collector’s Guide is available in BookWyrm, and are made from recycled cardboard, old buttons, and scrap fabric.

June – All the Lonely Fanclubs (A critique on a fandom of Just Me) – 6498 words  – This is a critique/essay on an obscure furry book and its nonexistent fandom. In my review I cover a lot of mixed feelings on a book I love but rarely talk about, as well as my relationship to fandom as a whole. I also explore why I’d like more people to be interested in the book—despite my scathing criticisms of it. All the Lonely Fandoms will be available as a zine later on this month, and beta reads will be available to interested patrons!

Who knows what the rest of the year will bring? I have already started on another miniature book, but time will tell if that ends up being July’s work-in-progress! All in all, I’m keeping my creativity free and my schedule wobbly, and devoting my time to the stories that bring me the most joy.

See you next time!

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