An Otterly Adorable Competition!!

An Otterly Adorable Competition!!


Pre-order the Signed Paperback edition of The Story of Greenriver by Holly Webb either instore or online and we will enter you into a prize-draw for an otter adoption package in collaboration with Hachette Children's Group and Durham Wildlife Trust!!

Otters have always been really special to the both of us here at BookWyrm. We're very lucky to have a family of these amazing animals living on our doorstep in the River Wear! During lockdown we even became the Durham City Otter Watchers!

The Paperback edition of The Story of Greenriver releases on April 13th, you can Pre-order your copy HERE. Here's a synopsis for the book: 

The animals of Greenriver are in danger. Can Sedge and Silken find their way along the river to each other in time to save their homes? A gorgeously illustrated adventure story that readers aged 8+ will treasure.

Sedge is the reluctant heir to the leadership of the Greenriver otter holt. His first spring he was nearly drowned in a flash flood that swept through the otter community. Now it's spring again, and the river is rising dangerously once more.

With the holt threatened, Sedge is convinced he must be the one to save them - if only he's brave enough to journey downstream to find help... Silken has never felt she truly belonged in the beaver lodge. She's too small, too weak, and her strange singing makes the practical and strong beavers feel uneasy.

When she is blamed for an accident, Silken knows she will never fit in. She must seize her courage and venture upstream to find a new life... As the two animals journey towards each other on a quest to unravel their true destinies, Sedge and Silken are drawn towards the heart of the turbulent river and its age-old song, which has the power to change all who hear its music.

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