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Miles Nelson

Child of the Mountain

Child of the Mountain

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This hand-bound Zine is by BookWyrm’s author-in-residence, Miles, and is set in the universe of his novel, Riftmaster.

“In your tongue, we are mountain-dwellers.”

These words were said log ago by the first extra-terrestrial companion of Rifthopper Bailey Jones. He remembers them as if they were spoken yesterday, despite seven horn being long, long gone.

so imagine Bailey’s surprise when he opens up an ancient journal and finds the face of his dear friend staring back at him. 

Over the weeks and months, Bailey translated the journal into his own native tongue; and found the life story of a Mountain-dweller, written exactly as it was spoken. Finally, Bailey was able to hear the voice of his friend once again, and in the process learn more about the Mountain-dwellers than anyone had before. So here is Bailey’s translation; and the story of a life in the Mountain-heart. 

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