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Maud Rowell

Blind Spot: Exploring and Educating on Blindness

Blind Spot: Exploring and Educating on Blindness

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Part of 404ink's Inklings Series!

In Blind Spot, Maud Rowell challenges readers to think differently about what they may take for granted, carrying them on a whirlwind tour through time and space - from Japanese tube stations to the 18th century museum - to showcase what the world looks like for someone who does not see. She offers practical insights based on her own experiences, as well as spotlighting incredible blind pioneers - explorers, artists, scientists, and more - through history and the current day, unearthed through her own research and interviews. In educating us about the realities of sight loss, Maud shows us how to be aware of our own blind spots, offering the knowledge needed to become better, more tolerant members of diverse communities.

Society needs to support everyone - it's time we caught up.

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