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Kylie Dixon

Inkcap & The Blight of the Bonnets

Inkcap & The Blight of the Bonnets

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Who are the Bonnets, and why do they need Inkcaps help?
The allotment is a wonderful yet mysterious place where a secret world of mushrooms is living amongst the undergrowth, helping the plants and vegetables to survive.

It’s autumn and The Grump’s prize leeks are the talk of The Magical World of Mushroom Marvellous. But everything isn’t as wonderful as we think and when Inkcap discovers the Bonnet family are in need of help, he and Scales stumble upon a much sinister evil at work.

Will the giant prize leeks make it to showing day? Can Inkcap find a cure to help the Bonnets?

Follow new characters – friends and foe – as we go deeper into this mystical world and see what happens next in the allotment.

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