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Kylie Dixon

Inkcap & The Nethers

Inkcap & The Nethers

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Someone is attacking the peapod patch in The Grump’s garden allotment!
Who is it?
Can Inkcap, a quick-witted, garden mushroom who lives in an old plant pot, find the culprit?

The allotment is a wonderful yet mysterious place where a secret world of mushrooms is living amongst the undergrowth,
helping the plants and vegetables to survive.

When Inkcap is awoken one morning by a mysterious thumping noise coming from the top of his plant pot house, he and his mushie pal, Scales must embark on an exciting yet dangerous adventure through the Magical World of Mushroom Marvellous, seeking out the secrets to Inkcap’s newly found power; his Potence.

But who is attacking the peapod patch? Will Inkcap work out how to use his power and defeat the army of nasties...?

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