Miles Nelson

Like Father Like Son

Like Father Like Son

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This hand-bound Zine is by BookWyrm’s author-in-residence, Miles, and is set in the universe of his novel, Riftmaster.

Many years ago and many lightyears away, a family of five thrived.

Toby is the youngest of three children born to cosmic travellers Oliver and Ari, and the most eager to please. But when each day presents new challenges, and every world new unknowns, danger can spring from unlikely places. When his eldest sister is injured, Toby joins his father on an expedition to find a new source of food. But Toby and Oliver have never seen eye to eye, and while on their own in the hostile wilderness, getting along may be the least of their worries. 

With the family fragmented, both father and son will need to listen, learn, and most importantly, understand. 

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