Anne East

No Man’s Land: Living Between Two Cultures

No Man’s Land: Living Between Two Cultures

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A personal account and look at the chasm of living between two cultures where neither feels like home. Some individuals, especially of non-white heritage are suspended in an identity limbo - brought up British with no ties to parental culture, yet not fitting the stereotypical appearance of an 'ethnic' Briton. Having neither the ability to claim one culture as their own or be fully accepted by all groups within British society, it's a no-man's land of cultural loss.

Anne East explores this chasm and loss of how it is to feel one thing and yet be perceived as another. What are the emotions that people feel? What are their experiences? Shame, regret, sadness? In this exploration of her own experience as a Brit of Malaysian Chinese heritage and those around her, she excavates the often painful disconnect between self-identity and social assumptions forced upon her.

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