Miles Nelson

Those That Came First

Those That Came First

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This hand-bound Zine is by BookWyrm’s author-in-residence, Miles, and is set in the universe of his novel, Riftmaster.

Bailey feels like it’s been a lifetime since he left Earth. Now, lightyears away, he looks to its future. 

It has been 3 months since Bailey and the Riftmaster started travelling together. As the Riftmaster’s apprentice, Bailey has learned how to survive the cruel ways of the Rift, overcoming impossible odds and hostile worlds. Now though, the duo encounters something new; an alien city, abandoned to the desert and the dust.

Bailey wonders what became of the people here and becomes wrapped up in its fate as he searches for answers. Still holding grimly onto hopes of one day returning home to earth, he hopes to bring something home; if not a solution, a warning. 

Those that Came First is a short story originally written for Changelings, an anthology which celebrates trans and autistic characters. Taking place during Riftmaster, it transports old readers to a new world, and introduces new readers to Miles’ signature flair and lovable characters.

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