Miles Nelson

War Dance

War Dance

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This hand-bound Zine is by BookWyrm’s author-in-residence, Miles, and is set in the universe of his novel, Riftmaster.

In the deep forests of another world, an unexpected meeting will sow the seeds of change.

The Valis are odd creatures, diminutive and weasel-like. They follow unchanging rhythms beneath the canopy of an ever-changing rainfores. As intelligent as the people of our world, Valis society has one key difference; they speak to one another by changing the colour of their skin. The foragers of Valis hives speak a complex and silent language, creating an intricate web of friends and family. The Queens, stowed away, have nothing. 

All except for the Rogue Queen. 

War Dance is a tale told in words, art and colours. A fairytale with a distinctly alien feel, readers can immerse themselves in a world where art and language intertwine. 


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